After mobile phones, Internet and social networks,
the next industrial revolution is about Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine

Billions of connected devices are now familiar to us, in our houses, in public infrastructures as well as in business environment.

Data collected from these devices or exchanged with them can be processed and analyzed to provide new services and benefits like energy savings and more efficient processes.

For Vertical M2M, M2M applications built on networks of connected objects are a huge opportunity to contribute to our current changing society by adopting an user centric and innovative approach in the key fields of energy, environement and business process management (BPM).

The rise of connected objects as an answer to the issues of the 21st century


The number of connected objects are rising: according to Machina Research (June 2012), the number of connected objects dedicated to usages in Smart Cities will increase from 59 millions to 500 millions by 2020. In the same time, new issues will accompany this growth:

  • A rising and uncontrolled energy consumption

  • Higher risks of environemental contamination (water, air, waste)

Facing this new paradigm, we struggle to promote and deliver a M2M software framework and the Application portfolio for next smart cities.